Scan to SharePoint Office 365, it's never been easier! Whether you need to scan large batches of mixed document types, or acquire documents from multifunction printers, mobile, storage, or other sources, GScan Online provides flexible document capture and process automation. Superior imaging improves document quality, and the
click-to-index™ OCR speeds up metadata indexing.

Are you ready for your document management to take flight?

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SharePoint & Office 365 Integration

A downloadable app that acts as a simple plug n’ play feature into your SharePoint. Scan within SharePoint with virtually any device and even cloud storages, fine-tune your documents with advanced image processing features, click-to-index™ OCR indexing-eliminating manual typing, and stay within SharePoint and the Microsoft Ecosystem, as a whole.


GScan Online

Smash the Scan & Capture Barrier

Easily obtain documents from various types of devices – Scanners, MFPs, Smartphones, and even Cloud storages directly into SharePoint Office 365. Imagine the ease of never having to leave the SharePoint environment, and be able to work harmoniously making your workflow a breeze!

GScan Online

Easily Handle Batches of Mixed Document Types

Whether you have invoices, purchase orders, contracts, bills of lading, you’re able to create a profile, batch them all together, identify and index them quickly and easily.

GScan Online
GScan Online

Enhanced Document Recognition

Use tools like barcodes or indexing rules to efficiently sort large batches of mixed document types into the correct library. 1D & 2D barcode recognitions no matter the skewed angle or placement on the page, make it easy and effortless in the sorting process.

GScan Online

Image Optimizations

Powerful imaging features transform low light and low quality scans with background noise, into crisp and legible images. Retain high quality images and reduced files sizes up to 100x the original – make your document retrieval rapid and readable.

GScan Online
GScan Online

Watch Productivity Take Off

Click-to-index™ OCR allows you to update index fields without any manual typing necessary. Or, after customization of consistent document types, rely on auto-recognition of texts. Files are released as fully searchable PDFs, making your search and retrievable easy! Document scanning, recognition, and indexing has never been easier!

GScan Online

Document Capture Goes Mobile

Easily connect to the Cloud Storage of your choice - OneDrive, Dropbox and many others. Process all your documents within SharePoint and make decisions easily and effortlessly all on the GO!

GScan Online
K2 smartforms integration

K2 smartforms integration

GScan Online also provides K2 smartforms integration. Scan with GO from virtually all devices, use superior OCR indexing for immediate inventory, and easily release, search, and retrieve documents in SharePoint Libraries to streamline K2 workflow processes as efficiently as possible.

Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

With GScan Online, you’ll feel at ease knowing you’re not limited by your language but embraced by it, with an automatic language identifier based on your SharePoint site. Multi-language installations are supported as well. It’s available in 23 languages and supports 180 languages for OCR.

Multilingual Support

GScan Online Pricing

Unlock the full potential of GScan Online. Flexible pricing that suits your needs, price starts at 99 USD.

Annual subscription

Number of users


Pages per user

3 000
6 000
10 000
Total price: 945,00 USD
Annual subscription: 4 user(s), 24 000 pages price is VAT excluded

How to buy GScan Online for Office 365

Install our app from the Microsoft Office Store to your SharePoint Online for Office 365. You will get free 30 days’ trial license for testing the application with all features.

Anytime during the trial click on the Buy now! button in the banner. Select the purchase options (users/pages) and purchase via PayPal.

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